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Divine Femme



Saturday April 20

Saturday May 4

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Upcoming Workshops

About Julie

Bio: Julie Sasha Cloutier – Divine Femme

Soul Purpose Coach & Numerology Mentor


As a certified Intuitive Numerologist and Energy Healer, I help you reach Soul freedom by mentoring you through the ancient teachings of numerology and subtle energy, creating a life path and legacy fuelled by purpose, passion and joy.


My ability to decipher your Soul Blueprint will lift the veil between you and your highest path, revealing your truest, most authentic Self and the life lessons you came here to learn. I guide you into your highest frequency, because when I tap into your Numerical codes, I truly see you. I see what you’re meant for. The highest frequency codes you’re here to experience, as well as the patterns that undermine your innate brilliance.

Numerology is an ancient teaching of infinite Universal language that allows you to unlock the codes of your highest path.
This work is the closest thing to magic I've experienced and my clients agree with me 100%. You want it all, because you’re truly meant to have it all.

If it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart.

A thriving bank account.
Successful career/business

Deep soulful relationships
A life with deep purpose and impact.

You are meant to experience it ALL. And I can prove it to you.



75min - $188

Intuitive Numerology Reading


During a reading with me, you get to meet your most powerful Self, unlock the codes to your authentic expression and learn exactly who you’re meant to be and how your Soul wants to express itself in this lifetime.


This 50-75-minute reading is with the Queen of deciphering (A.K.A. me), who has been offering Numerology readings and mentorship for over a decade.


During your reading, you will experience:

  • A deep Soul remembrance

  • Massive clarity on your Soul purpose and gifts

  • That a veil has been lifted on what has been holding you back from living an exceptional life

  • Intuitive insights and channeled messages from my Guides

  • A powerful shift on how you see yourself and the world around you

  • The opportunity to ask questions for clarity regarding what comes up for you during the session.


*Audio recording is accepted during our time together.


60min - $89

ENERGETIC PROTECTION SESSION has been designed with YOU in mind, to support your MISSION on Earth as a Light Leader.

During this session you will be equipped with all the tools and resources you need to:


  • Own your Sacred Space

  • Seal energetic leaks.

  • Deflect negative energies from entering your field

  • Stand in your power

  • Feel vibrant and charged with life-force energy

  • And pretty much be UNTOUCHABLE in your energy field!

  • Applying the tools and techniques taught in this session will tangibly shift you into a higher timeline.

Methods of Payment
Cash, E-transfer

Image by Antoine Beauvillain
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