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Sunrise on Nature



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Wednesday April 10

Wednesday April 24

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About Sally

Sally is an Intuitive Medium, Healer and teacher. 



75min - $125

The Unity Drum

“Ancient Weaver of Body, Mind and Spirit, I Honour all that are Called to Receive.”

             I invite you to experience a very ancient and unique form of healing. When we drum our intuition and connection with Spirit is heightened as we call for the Sacred space to be filled with all that is Holy and Sacred to you. Shamans have used drumming as a gateway to other dimensions as Spirit has recognized this Sacred beat over eons. Our bodies resonate to the beats of the drum instinctively remembering our Mother's heartbeat in Utero. It is the very first sound we know, feel and hear. The sound waves of the drum (Sonotherapy) has the ability to impart its energy through the human body making it vibrate in resonance. We live in a vibrational Universe and we are all vibrational beings who's cells and organs all pulsate to a particular frequency. When we hear and feel the vibration of the drum through our flesh our brainwaves, muscles, and chakras begin to vibrate in response.

         The drum pushes the energy waves through the body. Resonance travels through the skin, soft tissue, through the organs into the bones and every cell of the body. All cells emit frequencies. The drum naturally helps to bring us back into a state of balance and well being.



-this ancient approach to promote healing works at a deep cellular level.

-the drum energetically balances the body, mind and spirit while elevating vibrational frequencies which help the body repair itself on a cellular level helping to release old traumas holding cellular memories

-it calms the nervous system helping with anxiety and insomnia

-it synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain

-it produces powerful vibrational frequencies and deep healing

-it helps to ground you, rebalancing your chakras and expanding your aura

-it promotes Spiritual development and enhanced intuition, it may also connect you with ancestral memories


            The Unity Drum is 6 feet in length and fits over the top of the massage table. You will lay underneath the drum on the massage table as you experience this unique form of healing through the vibration of the drum. I will begin with drumming and then flow into energy work to ground and rebalance you to the new vibrations. I invite you to experience yourself with The Drum.


60min - $110

Reiki is a gentle and deep healing energy modality in which the practitioners lightly touches or hovers of the participants 

Methods of Payment
Cash, E-transfer

Sunrise on Nature
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