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Ayurveda and Your Wellness

To be honest, I have never been the type to worry about doing more for daily self care other than a shower, brushing out my hair, and maybe a little make up to put in some extra effort. Simple, basic and perhaps for me not caring about myself the way that I should.

Then I was introduced to Ayurveda by my Reiki teacher and mentor. Something clicked with me when I started to read about it. For those who know about Ayurveda, it can be quite complex, and at first I was slightly overwhelmed. Yet slowly, it slowly started making its way into my life. Through Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, and other similar treatments I start to introduce to Pure Lotus Wellness Centre. From my courses I learned more and more about Ayurvedic Wellness.

So lets go back to the beginning. What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient science that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Translated to English, Ayurveda meas "Knowledge of Life". Through the mind, body and soul, Ayurveda brings balance and harmony to life. You may never have heard of it, least of all know what it means, but you would be surprised how many things that we may do, or have heard of that is Ayurvedic. Yoga for instance, is an interrelated branch of the same Vedic science. Some may have heard of an oral hygiene practice of tongue scrapping or oil pulling; they are also Ayurveda.

The key to Ayurveda, is that one lifestyle regime or diet is not meant for all, but yet based on an individual basis, based on the principles of 3 or a combination of Doshas. These Doshas, when unhealthy, can be brought back into balance through proper intake of food, water, exercise, mindfulness, etc, with Ayurvedic practice. Each of these Doshas carry certain traits of the Mindy, Body and Soul. See the simple chart below to find out what Dosha you are. If you find you are equal of 2 or 3 Doshas, you are what is considered Tridoshic.

What Dosha are you? I am Kapha, through and through.Yet, each Dosha requires a different approach to food, exercise, sleep, and mind set to be balance. As a Kapha, I've learned that my Earthly and Water energy requires fire to be balanced. But do I follow Ayurveda strictly? No, but I try to bring balance to my body through certain regimes I know practice every day. Future blogs will be dedicated to specific Doshas.

Copper Tongue Scrapper & Oil Pulling OIl
Paavani Ayurveda Oral Care Regime

As soon as I wake up in the morning and make my way to the washroom, I use my Copper Tongue Scrapper to take all the toxins that have accumulated over the hours I have slept. Brushing your tongue and simply create back spray into the the mouth and throat, allowing the toxins to re-enter your system. This is to be done before eating or drinking, as this can cause the same negative impact. The same is to be said with Oil Pulling. Swishing traditional oils in your mouth for a length a time (such as those provided by Paavani Ayurveda), allows for detoxing the mouth, cleaning the gums, and brightening teeth.

All 4 for only $99
Kapha SkinCare Regime

While in the shower, I use skin care products that help balance by oily skin. I use the Kapha Cleanse & Mask mixed with Floral Water (I find it is best used in the shower, since the ingredients such as turmeric can be staining if removing with wet cloths. I love the french clay base and use of deep aromatic herbs. I also use the Kapha Body Oil after I get out to help hydrate my skin while at the same time purifying it from extra oils.

Adding only an extra 5 minutes to my morning, I finish with the Kapha Toner (great for refreshing the skin mid day as well), and the Serum. I never thought I would be putting an oil based serum on my oily face, but it works! While leaving my skin soft and hydrated, it balances the excess oil.

I finish my Ayurvedic morning care with Nasya Nasal Oil. Applying a few drops within each nostril, it helps me with clearing sinuses and preventing drying leading to bloody noses. It also helps keep those pesky allergens and pathogens during allergy season. It's also a great addition to pranic breathing during meditation.

Nasya Nasal Oil

It all seems like a lot to do, but I find that it only takes me an extra 10 minutes in the morning and I feel like I'm actually making an effort and investment to myself on wellness. It wasn't as hard as I thought. Add in some self treating with Reiki, Meditation, and taking some time out for myself during the week, I've commit myself to self care techniques to feel better inside and out.

Have questions about Paavani Ayurvedic products, or how an Ayurvedic practice can help you? Contact me at


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