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Trauma Informed & Spiritual

Wellness Coaching

    It can be a challenge when we would like to make a change to our life to improve our over all wellness. We may not know where to start, when to make changes, and how to stay committed. Having someone to support you through these shifts can make it easier to to commit to your goals. 

   Carrie-Leigh Stockwell is a Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Health Coach with the Health Leadership & Learning Network of York Univeristy, commited to helping you make changes and shifts in your life to heal and move forward with happiness. 

Wellness instead of stress. Hand turns a cube and changes the word 'stress' to 'wellness'.
 Young Woman Contemplating

Trauma Informed

Worry & Stress can be overwhelming, and life can seem out of hand some days. Being supported through troubled times and someone to help you find your way through can make all the difference. 

Meditating on Bed

Spiritual Wellness

When current and decades of stress, trauma and uncertainty, may lead you to a place of seeking guidance and healing on an in depth spiritual, cellular and creates a path for the future. 

Image by Tyler Nix

Lifestyle & Health

When you're seeking shifts in your life to create a healthier lifestyle, whether it be stopping an unwanted habit, choosing healthier life options or seeking self care time, coaching can be a way to get the support you've been looking for. 


$120 +tax

In Person & Zoom

1 Hour & 30 Min Consultation

Planning as a Team

Follow Up Email

Follow Ups

$85 +tax

In Person & Zoom

60Min Follow-Up 

Motivational Encouragement

Coaching & Reiki


In Person & Zoom

Consultation & Follow Up Appointments


- 90Min Consult

or 60min Follow Up

- 60min Reiki/Energy Session

- Email Follow Up

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