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Body Treatments

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Carrie-Leigh Stockwell


Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage*

          A Relaxing Zen Body Massage


    A soothing and calming treatment of the back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet using traditional Ayurvedic techniques. Using the application of organic oils to the body, this treatment helps with the wellness of your skin, lymphatic drainage, circulation, muscle tension, stress and energy balance. 

​Only Natural Organic Oils Are Used During these Treatments

As of October 14, 2023 no new clients accepted for this treatment. 

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Carrie-Leigh Stockwell


Ayurvedic Head Massage*

         Our Signature Treatment!


Indian Head Massage, or traditionally known as Shiroabhyanga is a form of complimentary therapy and relaxation massage that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms which are important energy centers in the body. It is very relaxing and has a balancing effect on the recipient as it helps them to release stress and tension creating a sense of peace and well being. 

Helps to Relieve the Following Conditions:

Tension Headaches - Migraines - Eye Strain - Ear Aches - Tinnitus (ringing of the ear) - TMJ (Jaw Tension) - Sinusitis Congestion - Insomnia and Disturbed Sleep

What are Some of the Benefits:

  • Improves Blood Circulation, increasing Oxygen supply to the Brain and drains away accumulated toxins

  • Calms, Revitalizes, Uplifts the Spirit, and Balancing of the Chakras

  • Eases Stiffness, Breaks up Knots and Nodules in the Muscles

  • Improves Lymphatic Drainage which helps with the removal of waste products and toxins helping the immune system

  • Promotion of Hair Growth and giving your Hair a Healthy Lustrous Shine and Improves Skin Condition

  • Encourages Deeper Breathing and Deep Relaxation; very enjoyable and triggers the release of endorphins creating an almost euphoric sensation of contentment and happiness. 

  • Helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress, depression resulting in greater mental alertness, concentration and clearer thinking. 

        Only Natural Organic Oils Are Used During these Treatments

As of October 14, 2023 no new clients accepted for this treatment. 

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Inlcludes: Scalp, Face, Shoulders & Neck

Also Includes: Back, Arms & Hands

Also Includes: Legs & Feet

Cupping Therapy


Heidi Ursic

Registered Massage Therapist

Cupping Therapy

      Cupping is an alternative therapy which involves placing cups on an area of skin to create suction that decompresses muscle and connective tissue. It can help reduce pain and inflammation and increase blood flow and range of motion. Please be aware that Cupping frequently causes marks on the skin. The red marks are a result of the blood being pulled into that area. The marks last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

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Shoulder Massage
Registered Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue Massage


      Deep tissue Massage is a technique that targets deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Using firm pressure and slow, deep strokes, it can help break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions to decrease pain and muscle stiffness and increase range of motion. It can help promote healing due to increased blood flow and reduced inflammation.

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Carrie-Leigh Stockwell


Emotional Release Massage*

Perfect for Pain Caused by Stress & Trauma


   The New Emotional Release Massage is based on the energetic patterns and emotional cellular memory of the body, the Emotional Release Massage uses the combination of Ayurvedic techniques and Reiki energy to move stagnant emotions from the body. Wonderful for stress and trauma related pain!

​Only Natural Organic Oils Are Used During these Treatments

As of October 14, 2023 no new clients accepted for this treatment. 

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Hot Stone Massage


Tania Wlotzki

Hot Stone Massage

         A Relaxing Thermal Experience


Throughout this relaxing massage using naturally harvested Hot basalt stones Tania will be mindfully placing the hot stones on the body.  Allowing the warmth to resonate deep down into the bones and tissue.

Easing away any tension and stress.   


Some of the benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

Improves back/shoulder/neck pain

Improves Lymphatic circulation

Increases circulation

Decreases joint pain

Decreases tension headaches

Decreases Sciatic pain

Promotes increased well-being and vitality

Promotes grounding due to high magnetic field in the stones

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60min - $95
90min - $125
Registered Massage Therapist

Prenatal Massage


     Prenatal massage is a customized massage geared to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. It can help ease some of the aches and pains of pregnancy and help you relax. It may also relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, reduce swelling, improve mood, and may help relieve some pregnancy depression and anxiety.

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Reflexology Session

         Love for Your Feet

      Foot reflexology works with the meridians and acupressure points corresponding to every organ, cell, system in your beautiful body! Although it is a physical treatment, it brings you to a place of tranquility which helps you connect to your spiritual being.

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Acupressure Neck Massage
Registered Massage Therapist

Relaxation Massage


       This massage is performed using Swedish techniques consisting of long, rhythmic strokes and small circular movements which help to break down adhesions and promote better circulation. Unlike deep tissue massages, a relaxation massage does not address the connective tissue of the muscles.

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Carrie-Leigh Stockwell



Traditional Ayurvedic Oil Treatment

"The word shirodhara originates from two Sanskrit words, shiro (head) and dhara (flow). It is a form of treatment in which warm, herbalized Ayurvedic oil is poured onto your forehead. Initially, the oil is streamed in dosha-specific patterns from the right to left temple. After several minutes, the stream is set to the middle of the forehead where it flows continuously for the duration of the treatment. The oil pour lasts approximately 30 minutes and is preceded by a full-body abhyangha massage." 

 With the Spiritual support of ancient Ayurveda and energy, the oil is blessed with healing intentions, allowing energy to flow through the entire body through both the Crown and Third Eye Chakra. Take the excess oil home with you for Self-Abhyanga!

Benefits of Shirdhara:

 - Reduces Stress

 - Calms the Central Nervous System

 - Reduces Anxiety

 - Promotes Sleep and Decreases Insomnia 

 - Enhances Intuitive - LETS OPEN THAT THIRD EYE!!!

 - Balances Vata dosha. 

As of October 14, 2023 no new clients accepted for this treatment. 

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Includes: Head Massage



Tania Wlotzki

Spa Body Wraps

        Two Amazing Body Wraps to Choose From!



This lusciously fragrant and intensive moisturizing body wrap will transport you to the tropical gardens of the Far East.

Your experience begins with a gentle body scrub. To help stimulate circulation and remove dead skin. Followed by a gentle exfoliating and invigorating sugar scrub to hydrate and brighten fatigued skin, promoting healthy, & smooth, and  flawless skin.

You are kept cocooned and warm while the mood balancing aromatics and skin conditioning tropical oils are massaged with gentle sweeping strokes quenching and hydrating the skin.

Leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

(Foot or facial massage is included in this treatment)


  • Removes dead skin

  • Helps with circulation.

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Helps unclog pores

  • Brightens fatigued skin

  • Promotes healthy smooth and flawless skin

  • Fights acne & Hyperpigmentation

  • Hydrating​


This fragrant and emotional grounding experience will leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated.


The Volcanic experience begins with a gentle body scrub. To help stimulate your circulation and remove dead skin.


Followed by the velvety texture of tropical Frangipani & Monoi Oils.  These oils are applied using sweeping strokes with warm Basalt Volcanic stones to massage the oils into your skin with maximum attention paid to any particularly dry areas.


You are kept cocooned and warm while the mood balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work.  Leaving your skin and body feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

(Foot or facial massage is included in this treatment)

  • Removes dead skin

  • Helps with circulation.

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Helps unclogged pores

  • Promoting healthy & smooth flawless skin

  • Hydrating & Rejuvenating

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Relaxing Back Massage


Marie Whitney

Jennifer W

Swedish Massage


     Drift into relaxation with soothing music, candlelight, and a full body Swedish Massage with a gentle, scent free massage oil. This massage involved relaxing the upper body, legs, feet, and buttocks. Guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Carrie-Leigh Stockwell

Warm Bamboo Massage

    Innovative Thermal Massage

    The Warm Bamboo Massage, also simply known as a bamboo massage, is a relaxation technique that combines various lengths and widths of bamboo stalks to perform a deep-tissue massage. Some bamboo massage therapists use a combination of traditional Chinese medicine (i.e. bamboo stalks and cups are used in specific ways); shiatsu, Ayurveda, Thai, and lymphatic drainage massage techniques to “unwind” tense, strained, and stressed muscles. Other bamboo therapists, on the other hand, use heated bamboo sticks, and/or heated essential oils to relax your body, or a combination of all of these approaches to provide relief and relaxation. 

     This type of massage not only encourages sensory nerve perception, circulation, and lymphatic drainage, it also provides you with a deep sense of “whole body” health, well-being, and relaxation. Although most bamboo fusion massages last from 45 minutes to an hour, the benefits last for days. 


     What is the history of the bamboo massage? Well, the Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian people have long used bamboo stalks in the cherished rituals and festivals because of their energy, sexuality, fertility, prosperity, and longevity properties. In China, bamboo stalks symbolize strength, success, eternal youth, and harmony, which is ideal for those seeking those rewards. Today bamboo fusion massages are popular throughout the world. They are typically offered in high-end spas.​

What exactly is bamboo?


     Bamboo is extremely tall grass (giant plant). Although the stalks are often cut to allow for quick re-growth, the roots are left undisturbed. One of the benefits of bamboo is that it is a renewable resource. In other words, although it takes approximately 7 or 8 years to mature, and 60 to 120 years to “bloom,” once cut, bamboo can grow at least 1 foot in 24 hours. Moreover, most bamboo plants are back to their original size within a couple of years.  




     What is the purpose of a bamboo massage? Well, this type of massage is used to soothe sore, tender, and painful muscles by kneading them with warm/hot bamboo stalks. The bamboo stalks vary in size, width, and weight. This massage increases circulation, eases your mind, and relaxes your body.



Listed below are ways that bamboo massages can improve your health and well-being:

  • Ease headaches and migraines

  • Improve arthritis

  • Strengthen respiratory functions (breathing)

  • “Unwind” stubborn tension knots

  • Relieve back and shoulder pain

  • Increase joint and muscle mobility and flexibility

  • Enhance sports performance

  • Reduce pain

  • Accelerate the healing process

  • Boost energy

  • Banish stress

  • Support physical and mental health and well-being

  • Revitalize your body and calm your “racing” mind

As of October 14, 2023 no new clients accepted for this treatment. 

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We have a 24 Hour Cancellation/ No Show Policy. If the cancellation occurs within 24 Hours of the Time & Date of the Appointment,  a 100% Cancellation Fee will Apply. This also applies to No Show Appointments.

 No cancellation fee applies if prior to the 24 hours. 

Appointment with Visiting Practitioners:
Visiting Practitioners are to be paid directly. All Accept Cash and E-Transfer. 


- Practitioner Accepts Gift Cards

- Practitioner Accepts Credit Cards

- Practitioners with Services Covered Under Benefits

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