Classes & Workshops


Pure Lotus offers a variety of Classes & Workshops to help you bring you closer inward, and help heal. Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and more provide a tool for you to use on yourself, loved ones, and perhaps add to your holistic practice. 

All classes are kept small to embrace a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, offering plenty of time for questions, conversations, and hands on learning.  All Reiki classes are taught within the Guidelines of the Canadian Reiki Association and International Center of Reiki Training, and all IET Classes are taught under the guidance of the Center of Being. 


The fees listed per class include Refreshments, Manual, and Certificate of Completion. Make sure to bring a packed lunch and snacks.


A $50 Non-Refundable Deposit ($100 for Reiki Master-Teacher class & Holy Fire Reiki Class) is required when Registering for your spot. 


72 hour prior to class dates is required for Cancellation.

If you choose to not attend and notify Pure Lotus, your deposit is non-refundable,

but can be transferable to another class or treatment with Carrie.

If the class is cancelled or rescheduled by Pure Lotus and the new date does note work, this deposit is returned.  

If you would like to book a private or small group class, please contact Carrie to book.

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Available In Person Only 


Reiki - First Degree

First Degree Reiki is the perfect class for those who are looking for self healing techniques, and helping those around them. Ideal for those who suffering from Anxiety, Depression and taking on Day to Day Stress. Reiki can help you on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level.


This 2 day workshop includes:- What is Reiki? - The History of Reiki - How Does Reiki Work?- What can Reiki Be Used For? - Self Session - Mini Sessions - Full Sessions - Overview of the Chakra System - Daily Meditations & Precept



Saturday November 5 & Sunday November 6

Private Classes Available Upon Request

All Classes 10:00am-4:00pm

Reiki Treatment

Reiki - Second Degree

Reiki is a gentle hands on/or just above the body energy therapy that helps calm the body, mind and soul. As it triggers your Para- sympathetic System, it allows your body and mind to let go of dis-ease, and negative emotions and thought process. An excellent edition to your Self-Care regime.

Second Degree Class – Expand your knowledge of how to use Reiki by learning 3 Sacred Symbols. Ideal for those who would like to practice Reiki as a profession, and to improve your self-sessions.



Saturday August 13 & Sunday August 14

All Classes 10:00am - 4:00pm


Usui Reiki - Master-Teacher

Complete your Usui Reiki training by becoming a Master-Teacher, and learn how to teach your own classes, spreading the healing of Reiki, experience in depth healing, and self mastery. This is an intense 3 day course combining Third Degree with Master-Teacher.


This class includes the following and much more:-

1st Day - 1 Sacred Symbol, Presentations by other modality Practitioners such as Reflexology, Essential Oils, IET, Crystals,etc.-


2nd Day - Final Sacred Symbol, Grounding Meditation with Salt Therapy at Saltastic-


3rd Day - Road Trip to Westport - Learn Attunements, visit the Rock Shop, Singing Bowl Meditation on Foley Mountain, and lunch at The Cove (covered by the student).

- All COVID Precautions will be met and class schedule may be adjusted accordingly.


*This level is only taught once a year in the Fall

*Payment Plan Available



Friday September 30, Saturday October 1 & Sunday October 2, 2022

All Classes 10:00am-4:00pm


Available In Person Only 


Holy Fire® Reiki I & II

                                     " Holy Fire® Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT. It is                                         both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. 

     Holy Fire® energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. Some of the qualities students have experienced include:

  • Works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up.

  • Always respects free will.

  • Heals deeply and quickly without distress.

  • Heals relationships and interactions with others.

  • Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way.

  • Spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for every level of life experience.

  • Tends to develop all the personality traits that are healthy for a person to have such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace and so forth.

  • One of the more wonderful effects is a feeling of being loved. This is a deep and refined feeling that is very nurturing.

  • Once received, it continues to develop itself to be more evolved and effective.

     Reiki I & II are taught together during a weekend intensive. Both attunements are given. All the information and techniques for both levels are covered including:

  • The Reiki hand positions.

  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others.

  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui including: Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho - developing your intuition, Byosen Scanning - detecting where Reiki is needed, Gyoshi ho - sending Reiki with the eyes, Kenyoku - dry bathing or clearing ones energy field.

  • Hayashi Healing Guide

  • Using Reiki for specific conditions.

  • The Reiki II symbols, how to use them with practice time.

  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits.

  • Distant healing.

  • 192 page class manual

  • Class certificate.

      The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, the self -treatment, practice using all the level II symbols including distant healing, and practice using all the Japanese Reiki Techniques mentioned above.




All Classes 10:00am-6:00pm


Holy Fire® III / Karuna Reiki® Master

"The Meaning of Karuna

            Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is also used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as "compassionate action." When individuals experience enlightenment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karuna to everyone without distinction because we are all one. As we help others and aid them in their healing process, all beings benefit. Because of the oneness of all beings, it is understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal. It is also stated in the Buddhist literature that Karuna must be accompanied by prajna or wisdom in order to have the right effect.

           Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings (also called the Brothers and Sisters of the Light) who are working to end suffering on Earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to us, but not all are receptive to it. As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to the Karuna that is being sent by the supreme being. Thus, your healing is quickened as well. Karuna Reiki® opens you to work more closely with the supreme being.

The Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Class

      You must have been a Reiki Master for at least six months to take Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master training.

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Training
       This class is the next step after Reiki Master and is both a practitioner and a Master class. Those who take the class will be able to use the Karuna symbols in their Reiki sessions and teach all levels of Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®. You will also be able to teach Reiki I&II and Reiki Master as Holy Fire® III classes. Karuna Reiki® is complete with eight practitioner symbols, one Master symbol, four Ignitions and two meditations that are guided directly by the Holy Fire® consciousness.

Holy Fire® III
         In this Master class, you will learn to give Placements which are Ignition-like experiences for Reiki I&II and the first part of Reiki Master. (Placements and Ignitions are the same as attunements.) The Placement system provides a more effective level of Reiki for the student and also empowers the symbols with more effective healing energy. A certificate and a 142-page manual are included.

    - Both levels of Karuna Reiki® and four Ignitions will be given as well as instruction and practice on the use of all nine symbols.

     - You will be able to teach both levels after taking this class.

     - Lots of practice time is included for giving treatments and using the symbols.

     - We will also be doing chanting and toning with the Karuna Reiki® symbols.

     - Instruction on how to give Placements for Reiki I and II and Ignitions for Reiki Master and Karuna Master.

     - Come network with other Reiki Masters from all over the country and often other parts of the world!


This is an exciting workshop with lots of dedicated, high energy people.

A certificate and a manual are included with in depth descriptions of each symbol and each Ignition process.

You will also be offered the opportunity to become a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master with The International Center for Reiki Training." -


* Manual Provided

* Must Have been a Reiki Master for at least Six Months of any Lineage. 



Friday April 22, Saturday April 23 & Sunday April 24, 2022

All Classes 10:00am-5:00pm


Available In Person Only


IET - Basic Level

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that “gets the issues out of your tissues”…for good! It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

Basic Level IET Class – works at the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.



Sunday, September 11, 2022

All Classes - 10:00am-4:00pm

Reiki Treatment

IET - Intermediate Level

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that “gets the issues out of your tissues”…for good! It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

Intermediate Level IET Class – works at the 3rd (mental) and 4th (karmic) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints from the human energy field and leave in their place positive energy imprints



Sunday September 18, 2022

All Classes 10:00am-4:00pm


IET - Advanced Level

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that “gets the issues out of your tissues”…for good! It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

Advanced Level IET Class – works at the 4th pair (genetic soul profile) and 5th pair (soul cluster) of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to discover your soul’s mission and attract members of your soul’s cluster to help you live your soul’s mission and bring your dreams alive.



Sunday September 25, 2022

All Classes 10:00am-4:00pm



Healing the Inner Child Workshop

Healing the Inner Child and Embracing Our Shadow Selves can be one of the most shifting and life changing processes that we can do in our lives. This 5 hour hour session includes a variety of Exercises, Discussion and Healing Meditations 

We will delve into your:

Parental and Social Conditioning

Limiting Beliefs

Physical Representation of Emotions in the Body

and more. 

This session is both Healing and Empowering. 


Sunday October 16th, 2022

11:00am to 4:00pm


Upon Request

Group $85/Person

Image by Marek Studzinski

ANGELS - Introduction & Working with Them

This NEW detailed workshop provides information about Angels and how they support us in everyday life. Learning to work with the Angelic Realm can create healing, joy an purpose. 

- Learn what they are
- Archangels
- Guardian & Guiding Angel's
- Meditations & Energy Work

Workbook Included

This workshop is also available as a 1 Day In Person Course, or 2 Evening Online Course(3 hours each)

RSVP necessary.


Upon Request


Upon Request



Sacred Geometry

This NEW workshop will be a 2 week online session with in depth discussion on:

Sacred Geometry and Symbolism that has been used for centuries to heal, manifest and enlighten. 

Workbook Provided. This workshop is offered as a 1 Day In Person class, or a 2 Day Online Course. RSVP Necessary


Upon Request


Upon Request



Pure Energy - Discover Your Energy Bodies

REINTRODUCING this VERY detailed workshop with in depth discussion on:

What Is Energy?

Subtle Energy Bodies: Auras, Chakras and Meridians

How they work in Sequence with Each Other and Individually

Learning how to Cleanse and Balance them in MANY ways!

A FUN COLOURING Manual is Provided. This workshop is offered as a 1 Day In Person workshop or a 3 Week Online Course. RSVP Necessary


Upon Request


Upon Request



Wonder, Create, Soar! - Manifesting 

Our Desires and Passions can fuel us forward to create our futures and help align us with our purpose.

We will delve into:

Limiting Beliefs

Emotional & Energetic Blocks

Law of Attraction

Manifesting Techniques

and Much More. 


Tuesday February 22, 2022