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Friday May 17


Content Compass Workshop

Social Media Expert Hazel Smith will be offering an evening workshop to help entrepreneuers with Social Media content. 

Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners & big idea holders When it comes to social media, do you know how to post but not what to post? You want to know how to make every post count. Clarify who you’re hoping to resonate with when you show up online. And leave the workshop with a solid 30 day content plan that works for YOU! Join me for Content Compass.



Bring Journal and Pen

Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

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Saturday June 8

10:00am to 1:00pm

Step Out of the Good Girl Club - Master Class
with Julie Cloutier

Step Out of the Good Girl Club
with Julie Cloutier


That woman who you came here to be has been buried under years and decades of conditioning, programming. That’s all about to shift.

This masterclass will allow you to embrace the uncomfortable work, to break through all of who we were told to be and to embrace the space you came here to take up so that you can show up as that authentic and unapologetic woman in life and business.



Cost: $108+tax

Duration: 3 hours

Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat


Friday May 24

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Energy/Reiki Share

Join us for an evening of Community, Meditation and Group Energy Healing. Open to all!



Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

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Wednesday June 12, 19  & 26

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Welcome to The Grand Illusion: Healing for Narcissism

with Nina De Bos

& Carrie-Leigh Stockwell


This is a 3 Week Series that aims to provide participants with insights, tools, and strategies to heal, rebuild self-esteem, and find freedom after experiencing a relationship of any kind of a narcissist (partner, parent, friend etc).

Through a combination of education, group discussions, energy exercises, and spiritual techqniues, participants will learn to recclaim their power, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate self-love 


Cost: $155+tax

Duration: 2 Hours each date

Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat


Saturday May 25

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Chakra, Sound & Spirit
Meditation & Messages

 Join us for a 2 hour event! Katherine of Universoul Harmony will offer a 1 hour Sound Bathing Meditation while a visiting Energy Practitioner & Intuitive offers energy healing. Whlie enjoying a hot tea after, receive messages from Spirit. 



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Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

Image by Hans Isaacson

Friday June 21

6:30pm to 9:00pm

Mystic Fire Circle


Carrie-Leigh Stockwell

Enjoy an evening around the bonfire with Psychic Medium, Carrie-Leigh Stockwell. 

Receieve channeled messages from spirit, partake in energy exercises such as meditations, burning ceremonies, and of course....roasted marshmellows and snacks!


Cost: $155+tax

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat


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