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| Shamanism Practitioner | Usui/ Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master, Etc.


     Angel D'Aoust is the Owner of Wings of Illumination located in Ottawa, ON. 

Every 3rd Sunday, she joins us to share her healing of Shamanic Journeying. She offers both 60 & 90 minute sessions, where you can choose from a variety of Journeys to support your healing. 

     Crystal Shamanism combines shamanic healing techniques and ceremonies with the healing
energies of the crystal kingdom. Journey work, within the practice of Crystal Shamanism, can be compared to a guided meditation.


     The first part is led by the practitioner, with vivid details, allowing you to fully relax
and feel yourself transported to the Lower World (subconscious) or Upper World (celestial
realms). That’s where the “meditation” aspect ends and it becomes more interactive. While in
this conscious, yet deeply relaxed state, assisted by the gentle questioning of the practitioner,
you are able to access your inner wisdom, explore events from the past or receive insights from
you guides.


Journey to Heal the Source of an Imbalance: $120 (90 minutes)
Events from our past create beliefs about ourselves and those around us, which leave energetic
imprints. When negative or traumatic, these imprints allow subconscious patterns to play out in
our daily lives which may affect our behaviour, emotional responses, views of the world, etc.
Sometimes, these imbalances originate in past-lives but get carried over into this one.
By going back and exploring the source of an imbalance, we are able to clear it from our energy
field which shifts our perceptions and how we interact with the world.

Cord Cutting – Empowerment Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)
Cords are energetic links that are attached to our body and which go out to people, places and
events from our past. These cords drain us of our lifeforce, often causing fatigue, lack of
motivation, confusion, as well as keeping us locked in patterns of negativity. Often, we are
unable to move forward or make clear decisions, as the past still has a hold on us.
This journey is great to do when you are either finishing or wanting to start anything new, such
as a romantic relationship, friendship, job, a move, school, training, etc.

Journey to Meet With Your Spirit Guides: $95 (60 minutes)
Spirit Guides are wonderful sources of love and wisdom. They can be of great assistance in our
daily lives and also help us with our spiritual development.

Power Animal Retrieval Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)
Animal Totems, or Animal Spirits are part of a higher collective consciousness. They have been
recognized and respected by many native traditions as protectors and keepers of wisdom, able
to offer us assistance in times of need. Some people are born with an animal totem guide, while
others come and go depending on the circumstances in our lives. When an animal guide comes
to us it is because they have some quality or gift that we are lacking or some strength that we
required. They can also help us recognized and integrate some underdeveloped or even
unwanted parts of ourselves.

Awakening What Has Remained Asleep… A Birthing Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)
This is a lovely ceremony that can be great for someone who is struggling to identify what their
life purpose is, or, the reason why they are not fulfilling it, or what steps need to be taken.

Ceremony to Heal An Ancestor: $95 (60 minutes)
Doing ancestral healing allows us to clear wounding that has been passed down through the
generations. It is not only healing for yourself and the ancestor, but to all those who have
inherited the wounding. The wonderful thing with this is that it breaks cycles which can clear up
karma and free your descendants. You also have the opportunity to understand your ancestor’s
strengths and begin to draw on them for healing and growth.

Resolving the Past Ceremony: $95 (60 minutes)
This ceremony calls in the Angelic realms to assist in reviewing our lives and seeing what needs
to be mended and resolved.

Shamanic Journey

60 Min - $95         90 Min - $120

Payment to be made Directly to Angel day of treatment. Cash, E-Transfer, Credit/Debit

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

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Intuitive, Tarot/Oracle Card Reader/Publisher, Reiki Practitioner


Christine Emond from Higher Heart Healing joins us Every 2nd Sunday (check Winter dates). Her divination tools of choice include Tarot/Oracle cards and channeling via automatic writing.


Christine is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader with a passion for assisting you on your healing journey of self-empowerment, awakening, and ascension. She specializes in readings related to love, and more specifically the Twin Flame Journey.


During your session, you will be delivered personalized messages from Spirit through a divination process which involves combining the traditional meanings of the cards that are presented with Christine’s own intuition using her Clair senses. These messages may help bring feelings of clarity, direction, hope, guidance, or peace to a situation and may also assist with your own personal growth and development.


Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

30 minutes - $66   

40 minutes - $77

50 minutes - $88

Payment made directly to Christine the day of via Cash or Etransfer

10:00am - 5:00pm

Every 2nd Sunday (Winter Dates may Differ)

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Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Artist, and more!


     Candice Harsh from Purely Elemental in Kemptville, joins us every Monday holding space for her Realignment Sessions.


     Energy healing has the wonderful ability to assist you in moving through the discomfort of change and the challenges that come with the human experience. Candice's main focus is on root cause and realignment, getting you back On Path, On Purpose. With that focus in mind, she helps you create space for opportunities and open hearted living, with Divine assistance. Reiki, Integrated Energy Thearpy®, PheLu and More are used during these sessions. You choose!

Realignment Sessions

90Min - $100
Payment made directly to Candice day of treatment. Cash, Etransfer or Credit

10:00am - 6:00pm

Every Monday

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Registered Reflexologist, Usui/Holy Fire® Karuna® Master, IET® Master


Reflexology Session

“Wisdom Tree Reflexology Session”

60 minutes

- Foot reflexology works with the meridians and acupressure points corresponding to every organ, cell, system in your beautiful body! Although it is a physical treatment, it brings you to a place of tranquility which helps you connect to your spiritual being. This session comes with a one card Oracle card pull and my intuitive read on the message for you. Be one with Gaia’s energy outdoors in nature! Maureen works with coconut oil and essential oils for this treatment.


Reflexology Sessions

Your investment: $ 88

E-Transfer Payment to Maureen directly

9:00am - 4:00pm

Every 1st Sunday of the Month

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