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Intuitive Readings



Julie S, Cloutier

Intuitive Numerology Readings

The Permission Slip


During a reading with me, you get to meet your most powerful Self, unlock the codes to your authentic expression and learn exactly who you’re meant to be and how your Soul wants to express itself in this lifetime.


This 50-75-minute reading is with the Queen of deciphering (A.K.A. me), who has been offering Numerology readings and mentorship for over a decade.


During your reading, you will experience:

  • A deep Soul remembrance

  • Massive clarity on your Soul purpose and gifts

  • That a veil has been lifted on what has been holding you back from living an exceptional life

  • Intuitive insights and channeled messages from my Guides

  • A powerful shift on how you see yourself and the world around you

  • The opportunity to ask questions for clarity regarding what comes up for you during the session.


*Audio recording is accepted during our time together.

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1 Person per Appointment

Private Group Readings
with Psychic Medium Carrie-Leigh Stockwell

  •  Book this private group reading with a minimum of 3 people, and maximum of 6 people. 

  • Everyone is Guaranteed a Reading

  • Private and Comfortable Group Setting

Image by Edz Norton

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

      Let the Cards Tell Your Path

   First a connection is created, given one message to start off with and the rest just flows. You can have an intention for your reading, but the information that comes through sometimes isn’t what you want, its what you need and those are often the things we need to hear most.

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1 Person Per Appointment


Carrie-Leigh Stockwell

Nina De Bos

Marie Whitney

Psychic Medium Readings

         Connection & Guidance from Passed Loved Ones. 


    There are times in our lives that we feel grief, loss, uncertainty, and lost in life. It's the natural ups and downs of our journey. Once in a while we need answers to calm our thoughts, needing guidance, and needing closure. Although if we sit quietly and listen within ourselves through Meditation, and looking for signs from Spirit, we always like validation. 

    If you have never had a reading before, it is very common to be nervous. During a reading at Pure Lotus, the Psychic - Medium will give you gentle guidance with your life, coach you in your uncertainty, and connect with your loved ones. Remember, a psychic is not the All-Knowing, they simple receive messages from Spirit that you are meant to hear here and now to help you. Negative messages will never be given, and if there is concern for the future,  they will simply show you how to approach it.

      During this time, your loved ones will be waiting to speak to you from the other side, and will validate who is by your side and their message. Remember, Spirit will only do what is best for us. It is always around us to help, and love us.

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1 Person Per Appointment


Virginia Ostler

Tea Leaf & Palm Reading

   Combination Reading of Tea Leaves, Palm and Tarot!

  Find out more about yourself, events from your past and what's coming in your future. Connect with spirit to receive the guidance and wisdom you need.


Tarot Cards give a detailed look into your past, present and future.


Palmistry gives a view into who you are and maps out the experiences in your life - past, present and future.


Tassomancy is a fun and tasty way to receive omens and messages about your life - answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

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1 Person Per Appointment


We have a 24 Hour Cancellation/ No Show Policy. If the cancellation occurs within 24 Hours of the Time & Date of the Appointment,  a 100% Cancellation Fee will Apply. This also applies to No Show Appointments.

 No cancellation fee applies if prior to the 24 hours. 

Appointment with Visiting Practitioners:
Visiting Practitioners are to be paid directly. All Accept Cash and E-Transfer. 


- Practitioner Accepts Gift Cards

- Practitioner Accepts Credit Cards

- Practitioners with Services Covered Under Benefits

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