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Tree of Life Energy Wellness

Upcoming Treatment Dates:

Sunday August 3, 2024

About Maureen

Maureen offers an intuitive approach to healing.  In addition to being a certified Reflexologist, she is also an experienced Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, trained group facilitator, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Counsellor & Spiritual Mentor supporting those on their spiritual awakening journeys.  She also offers Chakra Discovery and Soul Compass Courses. 


 Maureen's approach to healing of any kind, is gentle and heart centered.  Self empowerment in healing is very important to her.  Maureen's own spiritual journey in the past 3 years has been one of deepening her own conscious connection with Spirit and her intuition.  Developing her own psychic skills, she offers an interactive approach to connecting with your higher wisdom and Spirit.   Her process is mentioned on her website. 


Her signature offering at Pure Lotus is Foot Reflexology.  This wonderful healing session stimulates the nervous system for deeper healing through your whole body. It works with the meridians and acupressure  points corresponding to every organ, cell and system.  Although it is a physical treatment, it brings you to a place of tranquility which helps you connect to your spiritual being. 


Maureen has her Healing Studio in the Kanata area and thoroughly enjoys being able to come out to beautiful Pure Lotus.  


I look forward with gratitude to being able to support you in any of the above services! 



60min - $95


30min - $90

Foot Reflexology 


Feet support us in so many ways and reflect the health of your body.  Foot Reflexology addresses healing at a deep nervous system level.  Each point on the foot, is intentionally touched with light pressure to stimulate that system, gland or organ.  Reflexology also provides energetic balancing since the Chakra system is represented on the soles of the feet.  This powerful healing supports you in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  For the session, you are lying on your back.   

Intuitive Guidance Readings


Intuitive Guidance Readings, can help support you in healing.  A validation, nudge, message from Spirit can go a long way to guide you back on your path.  Strongly believing and working within the framework of empowerment, I invite clients to connect with what resonates and interpret what deeper meanings are there for you.  

Through psychic scanning of your energy, connecting to Spirit and occasionally, through use of oracle cards, I act as a bridge.  My desire is to tune in to provide insight and information that will assist you to feel more alive and connected.  Spirit will decide what needs to be shared. 


60min - $110

Reiki & I.E.T Energy Healing Sessions


Both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, are deeply relaxing and balancing, often being the trigger for your body to naturally heal itself.  Energy work assists you on all levels of wellness such as physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual.   The sessions are gentle in nature, allowing the energy to align you where you need to most.   

Methods of Payment
Cash, E-transfer

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