Emotional Writing Blocks

When I was younger, I used to love books! I immersed myself in them. I got lost in them. Whether it was surrounding myself on a floor with my grandmother's encyclopedia sets or National Geographic's, or reading 6 young adult novels in one weekend; I would lock myself away from my life, and my mind and escape.

Then I started writing. From perhaps the age of 13 until the end of my high school career, I wrote 6 novels. Now, bare with me, I was one of those horse obsessed girls, where The Black Stallion, the Thoroughbred series, and Black Beauty were my life!! So, I followed suit. My novels were all about the horses. I still have these rough drafts. They never got farther than that. No finished copies, no eyes other than mine grazed the pages. These books were not for anyone else. Now, when I look back, I was writing them for me, I was writing about a world that I wanted to escape to.

During that time, all my trauma from childhood assault was just coming to the surface