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Take a moment to realize your worth for self care.

Yesterday I was in the middle of ciaos. Surrounded. Over whelmed. Cornered.

I was minding my own business doing my normal work at my job at the hospital, when those around me were filled with anxiety, suffering, emotional turmoil and panic. Being an empath and intuitive, I looked up and felt everything they were feeling. It was suffocating. Their actions, mannerism showed they were avoiding their thoughts and feelings.

One person was consistently pacing, looking for work to do, second guessing themselves, and asking if they can help others with their work even though they had other things on the go. This person had just taken a position at the clinic we were working at, and internally they was fighting with the decision whether they wanted this job, or if they wanted to go back to previous position. Fear. It was all fear about change. Change into the unknown, fear of leaving their comfort zone of their other job. Were they good enough for this new role. Would their efforts prove their worth to others. Their anxiety was almost nauseating.

Another was a doctor. Again running around the clinic, nit picking at perfection. Adjusting angles of photos, putting out information pamphlets, and they couldn't do it fast enough. This wasn't their job, and although on first glance, they may be helping the clinical staff, in reality they were dealing with grief. This person had the loss of a person very close to them, and there was the avoidance of heartache.

These two people were like a tornado of emotion and energy ripping through the clinic.

And I wanted to just yell out...





But how many of us take a few moments to ourselves to really understand the emotions we are feeling, holding on to, and avoiding? Are you? Am I? That's the first step to self care. Understanding that we are stressed, we are sad, we are running from our inner truth.

If you believe in and are connected with energy (it's okay if you don't), there are major shifts happening on Earth. You may have even read articles about the North and South Poles shifting their positions, and therefore the Earth shifting on it's axis. Faster and quicker than scientists can explain. And the same shift is happening within us all. Our old emotions, fears and patterns are being released, and we're being turned on our axis.

I see the shift in my clients here at Pure Lotus. Both new and returning clients. You talk about changes in what you want in life, your relationships, your purpose here, and your own thoughts and emotions. Yet, it's creating anxiety and depression because you've been conditioned to hold on to what is safe and not venture into the unknown. My best advice to you is accept it. Do not fear. Do not run from it. Do not avoid. You are being guided to a new you. And it can be scary AF, and exhausting. Healing isn't all white light and hugs.

Take a moment to realize this. Take a moment to reflect on whats going on inside of you.


Stop what you are doing. Sit on a chair, couch, bed or floor. Close yours eyes. Focus on deep breathing. Count to 5 on your inhale. Expand your tummy. Count to 5 on your exhale. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Start to take notice of how your body feels. Can you feel your heart beat? Can you feel the pulsation of blood through your hands and fingertips. Now bring awareness to your emotions. Are you starting to squirm? Starting to feel uneasy? That's those emotions you've been keeping lock up inside of you. Stick with it, breath through it. Accept that emotion or thought. Feel it for it is rawness, and realize its power it once had over you. But as you take another deep inhale, gather that emotion on the breath, and please GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LET GO!!!!!

If you feel like crying? CRY. If you feel like laughing? LAUGH! Allow what no longer serves you to release in how it needs to!

But now what? Know that you are worth self care. Your healing process needs support. That support is self care. You are worth taking time out of your busy crazy day to day life to have a moment just for you! Yes, it can be done. Even if it's once a week. Your body and spirit needs rest to heal, and the only person responsible for that is you.

Make yourself a hot tea, sit down in a quiet room. Turn off the TV, phone, and computer. Read. Play an instrument, and allow the emotions to be released with the notes you play. Go to Yoga, and get lost within yourself through every movement and position. Go for a walk in nature. Yes the weather sucks right now, but you need grounding and fresh air. Seek support through counselling, energy and body work, or conversation with loved ones you have disconnected from. Disconnect from toxic people in your life, but leave the pain and resentment behind. Do not carry forward the pain of the past into the future. Go on a damn trip somewhere, but not because you are running, but because you are searching for adventure and beauty, and what this beautiful world we live in has to offer.

You are worth this time for self care. You only live this lifetime once. Be kind to yourself. Know you are loved and supported through rough times and transition.

As we say in Reiki...

Let Go of Worry

Let Go of Anger

Give Gratitude

Do Self Work

Be Kind to Others Including Yourself

Don't hide it, live it, let go of it, and let yourself thrive.

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